Published Books by Renniks

Since 1964 Renniks have published many works including some best sellers as listed below

'Australian Coins & Banknote Values' 27 editions since 1964

'Stamps of Australia' 15 editions since 1984

'Australian Pre-decimal coins Variations'by Ian McConnely -1st Edt 2005. 2nd edt 2010.

'Cigarette Cards Australian issues & values'by Dion Skinner 1st ed

'So you want to be a coach'

'Birth of the Ashes'

'Australians Awarded" by Clive Johnson -2 editions

'The Castrol six hour production race'by Jim Scaysbrook- a complete history 1970-1987

'Full Throtte -History of Australian Speedway 1970-2008' by Tony Loxley

'Mark Webber -two steps forward' by John Morris

We are actively seeking authors for more future publications, topics should be related to the books we are already selling

If you have a proposal please contact the publisher at info@renniks.com for more information on getting your work published